The nula code of practice is not intended to produce a step by step guide of procedure but a framework within which to operate. The intention is to promote the highest standards and best practice for Student Letting Agents operating in Nottingham.

All NULA members will follow this code

  1. Ensure that the members offices and staff promote the standards and best practices that are associated with being a Member of the code. Where possible a member should ensure that the NULA membership is displayed to tenants, landlords and other associated parties.
  2. All members should ensure their actions maintain and improve the reputation and prominence of NULA and demonstrates the difference between non-NULA members and other participants within the student letting market.
  3. Members will ensure that fraud, mis-representation and malpractice is not taken by themselves or fellow members. It should be noted that members staff should be familiar with the code of practice and its associated implications and ensure that this is considered when undertaking business.
  4. This code will not affect the contractural relationships lawfully and freely negotiated in the course of business between members and their clients.
  5. All members will ensure that service is offered regardless of sexual orientation, race, sex or that of disability.
  6. Members must ensure that they act in the best interest of their clients and ensure that that if any confliction of the clients interest and law exist then the Law must prevail. A member must also ensure that they do not operate in a way that knowingly involves deceit or dishonesty.
  7. While the duty of the member is to their client applicants and tenants should be treated as consumers and customers and treated accordingly. If this results in a conflict with the client they should be directed towards independent advice.
  8. Members may not express personal views as the opinion of the NULA organisation without prior approval of the fellow members.
  9. A member must ensure that they establish and maintain effective systems to prevent the use of their services being used for money laundering.
  10. All members should undertake the use of a clients account to handle tenants and clients monies if a managed service is offered.
  11. All members must maintain a manned office that can be accessed by clients and tenants alike within normal working hours. The use of serviced offices are precluded from this purpose.
  12. A member should take reasonable steps to ensure that any client has the required consent to let their property. This may include mortgage, insurance, freeholder coowner etc. While it is not the members responsibility to ensure compliance this is recommended prior to the creation of tenancy.
  13. Members should be advised of relevant accreditation services available to them and their properties and advised of the benefits of these schemes.
  14. A member must, where reasonably possible, ensure that all the safety and legal obligations prior to letting are observed. This may include Gas, Electrical and fire safety regulation. In addition the member should notify the client of any maintenance issues that are apparent for their rectification before or during a tenancy.
  15. Members will ensure that any properties marketed for rent have the relevant license for occupation where the use falls with the boundary of statuary, additional or selective licensing.
  16. A client must not advertise for rent a property that is will not available at the start of the proposed tenancy, unfit for habitation at the start of the tenancy, or not granted permission to market by the owner.
  17. Members must make reasonable steps to ensure that all statements, oral or written, about properties are accurate. This must be of particular relevance with regards to furnished properties.
  18. Members will not harass, "tout", or intimidate to gain business or instructions.
  19. A member will not restrict clients or tenants from freedom of the market and a client may change member firm within the terms of their contract without prejudice of other members.
  20. Members must ensure that all contractors employed have public liability insurance.
  21. Members will not allow clients to terminate tenancy agreements for more financial beneficial agreements once a let has been agreed.
  22. All members agreements and contracts should be fair and reasonable.
  23. All student Tenants should be signed into a legally recognised contract preferably that of a shorthold assured tenancy agreement. Landlords may not provide their own contract unless verified by the member as fair and reasonable.
  24. All members should clearly display any "upfront" cost that are required to clients and tenants and explain clearly what if any of these charges are non refundable and on what basis. This will ensure that parties may make an educated choice.
  25. All members must operate a legally recognised Tenancy Deposit Scheme and display and promote this information. Tenants on a let only contract should be notified by the mmeber of where their deposit is lodged to avoid confusion upon termination of the Tenancy.
  26. If a member is to undertake references this should be undertaken by a reputable firm or undertaken with respect to Data protection.
  27. It is strongly advised that all members undertake a schedule of condition and inventory of the property prior to the commencement of the tenancy.
  28. All members should ensure they have a written complaints procedure.
  29. A member will ensure on request that a tenant is granted a schedule of rent payment/ contract and that any late payment charges are fair, reasonable and proportionate.
  30. Members should ensure that tenants are aware of any charges that may become liable on checkout, ie cleaning charges, cost per replacement items etc.